Friday, October 21, 2011

This is my "I just got paid" haul!

Hello ladies! Today began my mini-vacation. I am off work until Monday at 3:00 pm and I plan on just chilling the entire weekend. I've desperately needed a break!! So either I will post a LOT or not much at all. I will probably spend all day tomorrow swatching polish from today's haul. I think that sounds fabulous :) I bought a total of 21 polishes today. Yes, TWENTY-ONE! That is including two top coats from the Color Club sets from Ross. ON TO THE GOODIES!

L-R: Orna-Ment for Each Other, Glitter in My Stocking, My Sleigh's in the Shop & Snow-Man of my Dreams
Okay first off I have the LE Holiday Nicole by OPI polishes. I saw swatches of these and fell head over heels in LOVE. I didn't care much for MSitS but when I saw it in person at Target, I couldn't pass up just buying the entire collection (luckily for my wallet, there are only four!)

L-R: Sally Hansen - Presto Pewter, Revlon - Blue Mosaic & Essie - Wrapped in Rubies
While at Target, I also picked up Presto Pewter and Blue Mosaic because I had $1/1 coupons that I didn't want to go to waste ;) and I picked up Wrapped in Rubies from CVS and I only paid $1.29 for it because I had $7 in extrabucks to spend!! Awesome deal!

TOP L-R: Nomadic in Nude, Earthy Angel, New Bohemian, Rad Nomad, Shabby Drab, Red-cal Gypsy
BOTTOM L-R: Perfect Mol-Ten, Antiquated, Cold Metal, Hot Like Lava, Foil Me Once, Lumin-icent

At eight dollars a pop how could I NOT resist this!? I few weeks back I bought the other half of the Back to Boho collection but they didn't have this set! I'm glad I went back to check if they had got this one in! :)

Hope you enjoyed this haul! I've got some polishes on their way to me in the mail as we speak! I will make a post when they arrive. Also... I MAAAYYY have ordered some goodies for a giveaway coming up next month ;)


  1. I am heading to Target and Ross today! I need to find that Foiled collection and I need the Nicole by OPI holiday collection!

  2. You DEFINITELY have to get the holiday collection for sure! It is beyond amazing!! My Ross still had a lot of sets left so hopefully yours will, too! :)


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