Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nail progress!

Hi ladies! This is just going to be short post about the length I can keep my nails. I am now able to have them a little longer so I don't feel as bad!

As many of you know, I am currently in school to become a massage therapist. For some UNGODLY reason, we are not allowed to wear nail polish in class :( and naturally, we have to keep our nails short so we don't scratch people. Well, when I first started my nails were pathetically short because I wasn't use to massaging yet... now I have been keeping my nails longer and haven't had any issues with hurting anyone! So I don't have to keep them TOO unbelievably short which makes me happy! :) I just can't wait to start wearing polish on a daily basis again ;)

This is a picture of how short my nails were at the very beginning of the program

And this is a (bad quality) pictures of my nails recently... look how much longer I can keep them!! :)

My nails looks kinda crappy but I plan on spoiling myself with a manicure & pedicure this weekend :)

Have a fabulous night!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Summery Neon Tips

Hello ladies!! I hope you all had a lovely weekend :) This is a short post but I wanted to share this with you guys. It's been super rainy here lately (which I love!) so that means I haven't been able to take pictures :( as you know I can't actually keep the polish on my nails when I have class so I haven't painted them lately because I couldn't share it with you anyway! 

These are all in my previous post about my favorite summer nail polishes! These are all by China Glaze :)

From index to pinky:
Kiwi Cool-ada
Towel Boy Toy
Flip Flop Fantasy
Sun Worshiper

and then some glitter added (because everyone knows how much I love sparkly things!!)
..... mostly because my lines were uneven :X lol

ALSO: PLEASEEEEEE forgive my AWFUL cuticles.... don't worry I am working on making them beautiful again <3

Have a fabulous evening <3

Saturday, May 5, 2012


I also reached my ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY on April 10. I cannot believe it's been a year! I will have to do something special for it... like maybe a giveaway ;) !


My favorite summer polishes!

I have made up my mind, I am not going to make anymore blog promises because I clearly suck at keeping up with my blog lately. :( Although, I haven't had much to blog about since I can't have my nails painted (darn school!!) BUUUUUT, I have been able to grow my nails out a liiiittle bit :) At first, they were horrible little nubs and I was so embarrassed by them! Now I can actually have them a decent length (for me anyway) and they don't get in the way.
** For those of you who recently started to follow my blog or check it out, I am in school to become a massage therapist- thus short nails :/

ANYWAY, I really do have some posts that will be up within the week :) and with summer fast approaching, I decided to do a quick post of my favorite summer polishes!

Cool colors Left to Right:
CG- Kiwi Cool-ada, WNW- I Need A Refresh-Mint, CG- Towel Boy Toy, SH- Thinking of Blue, & WNW- On a Trip

Warm colors (they didn't show up too well *hangs head*) Left to Right:
Zoya - Kiki (my cats name hehe), Orly- Oh Cabana Boy, Essie- Peach Daiquiri. CG- Flip Flop Fantasy (ALL TIME FAVORITE POLISH), SH- Snappy Sorbet, & CG- Sun Worshiper

All of the China Glaze polishes are from the Poolside collection I believe lol :)
They are coincidentally my favorites! Definitely my favorite summer polish collection of all time.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my favorite summer polishes! These are what I wear the most of, although until July, they will only be on my toes!

Have a FABULOUS weekend <3