Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wet N' Wild.. I love finding good deals!

Hello everyone!

So I was at CVS checking out the new Mermaid's Cove collection of Wet N Wild and I stumbled across this awesome little gift set that they had! Its a little summer nail pail that contains seven of the fastdry polishes, toe separators, a nail file, and a little nail art kit with some stencils and a bottle of white nail art polish. And it was only $9.99! Which is awesome because the polish alone would have cost about $14. So here's a picture of it!

The package (so cute!)

Top view

The polishes (from L to R)
The Wonder Yellows
Sage in the City
Teal or No teal
Saved by the Blue
How I Met Your Magenta
Everybody Loves Redmond

These are the other goodies that came in the package :)

I absolutely LOVE these! I had some of the other Fastdry polishes and I really liked them :) I also picked up a few of the new colors. I got Waves of Enchantment, Sea Witch, Diving for Pearls &Atlantis. In my next post I will swatch all of these for you guys! :) Hope you all had a great weekend!

xoxo Heather

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