Monday, May 23, 2011

Sand Trapez

See! I told you I can't keep the same nail polish on for very long!! Yesterday I bought my first Essie nail polish! I have never used Essie before and I was a little skeptical about paying eight bucks for nail polish sold at CVS. This polish was fifty percent off and I have been looking for a good nude color so I couldn't pass on buying it. This is Essie - Sand Trapez :

and as you can see, I added some white flower nail stickers

I will DEFINITELY be buying more Essie polish! The application was absolutely amazing! This is two coats. It went on soooooooo smoothly and perfectly! I love it! And honestly, it's exactly what I wanted. I am so happy! :)

xoxox Heather


  1. I love Essie sooo much. They have a nice variety of soft colors that are great for Spring. As for Matte Topcoat, you probably could have found it at Walmart. Most Walmarts are carrying the Hard Candy polish line now and carry their Matte topcoat too.

  2. I will totally be buying more soon! Definitely worth eight bucks! I actually ordered the matte top coat from e.l.f. because it was only a dollar! haha :) I'm not sure how well it will work though!


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