Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm so proud :)

Happy Thursday! It's almost the weekend :) This is actually a few weeks old... my friend got her nails done professionally but never went for a fill-in, so her acrylic grew out for about four-ish weeks. It just so happens that I bought everything I need to do my own acrylic nails for my birthday. I did my acrylics but never took a picture! They were really thick, but not bad looking for my first time (and not having a nail drill to smooth everything!) I was so proud! Anyway, so I told her I would fill them in and paint them and so on... so here is the end result!

You can see that they are not completely smooth, but whatever! I did the purple tips (wet n wild - buffy the violet slayer) and the glitter (kiss nail art glitter) free hand :) SO proud of myself! haha! And then on her ring finger, I used a small white and silver butterfly sticker. I think they turned out GREAT for me having basically no practice or training lol 

Have a great day!
xoxox Heather

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