Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mermaid's Lagoon

I stopped by RiteAid yesterday to pick up a few of the new Jesse's Girl polishes by JulieG, I wanted them all but since I have a limited polish budget (lol) I grabbed Mermaid's Lagoon. Definitely the most unique and gorgeous shade out of the set!! It was pretty opaque but I still did two coats. It turned out BEAUTIFULLY! The only down-side to this polish is that it stained my nails and fingers HORRIBLY!!! I used a base coat but it still stained them. I ended up hitting my hand on my desk and ruined the entire mani so I was going to re-do it until I saw my blue nails and fingers!!  I still love this color. It's a beautiful turquoise/teal with a gold or yellow shimmer. <3 ! On to pictures!

It's hard to see the shimmer on my nails but it this second picture you can definitely see it in the bottle!

What do you guys think? Have you picked up any polishes from this collection or do you plan to?

 Let me know! I love to read your comments :)

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