Sunday, September 11, 2011

Epic Haul!

Hello ladies :) I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend so far! I have lots of goodies to show you today/tonight!! I got my package from Ulta in the mail yesterday, my package from Urban Decay came in today and I also went back to Ulta and got some more stuff today lol! I actually ordered from UD twice before in the past few weeks while they were having their big sale. One of the items was left out of my order (which was a loose pigment eye shadow that only cost a dollar) so as an apology, they sent me a $20 credit + free shipping! So I stocked up on some more sale items :) In my previous orders I bought 3 cream shadows (Rehab, Midnight Rodeo and Suburbia) and 5 loose pigment shadows (Goddess, Rockstar, Shattered, Asphyxia, and Smog). Plus, some goodies for my little sister for her birthday. <3 Alright, so here's the picture from this weekend's haul!

From Ulta: (with the exception of the Jesse's Girl polish...that was from RiteAid!)

Top L-R: Jesse's Girl-Mermaid's Lagoon, WnW Fantasy Makers- Night Glow, Creepy Pumpkin and Black Magic, & Ulta - Love My Blackberry

Bottom L-R:  Ulta- Celebutante, Diva, Moody Blues, Material Girl (FAV!), Purple Haze, Chic Peek & Envy

Close up (in a different order...? lol)
Chic Peek, Material Girl, Diva, Purple Haze

Celebutante, Moody Blues, Envy

Urban Decay + more ulta:
My fist EOS chapstick in Lemon Drop, UD Loose pigment shadow in Gunmetal, UD cream shadows in Sphynx, Moonshine & Weeds, UD liquid liner in Ecstasy, UD matte shadows (singles) in Chronic and Electric, and Essence XXXL Shine lipgloss in True Love

Gunmetal, Sphynx, Moonshine, Weeds, Chronic, Electric, & Ecstasy.

WHEW! That took forever to list! Basically this haul was awesome and I was very happy with all of my purchases!! :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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