Thursday, September 22, 2011


Okay over the past week I received some nail mail from Traci (The TraceFace Philes) I bought three OPI polishes from her blog sale. She still has some great stuff so go check it out! She shipped very quickly and the packaging was adorable! Definitely happy with that purchase :) I also picked up some other polishes over the past week including some Butter London polishes on Tuesday when Ulta had that awesome sale! Okay, on to pictures!

Milani 3D: HD & Hi-Res 
Sunday I picked up these two Milani 3D polishes at CVS since they were BOGO 1/2 off. I LOVE THEM! I plan on going back and getting all of the other colors as well!

OPI: Jade is the New Black, In My Back Pocket & Pamplona Purple
These are the 3 polishes I ordered from Traci. YAY!! I'm so happy! They are all gorgeous and perfect for Halloween and fall <3

China Glaze: In Awe of Amber & Lemon Fizz
I also picked these two up at Sally's when I was buying more acetone because they were on clearance for $1.99!

Butter London: Big Smoke, Lady Muck, All Hail the Queen & Snog
Ulta: Eye Popping Poppy & Pinata-yada-yada

I LOVE THESE BUTTER LONDON POLISHES They are all gorgeous! The only polish they were sold out of was West End Wonderland, which is the one I reallyyyy wanted but that's okay! I am very happy with all of these :)


  1. TOTALLY late on commenting here, but enjoy those pretties!! Great haul! <3

  2. Thanks!!! Oh I have already enjoyed them very much! I love each and every one! :)


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