Friday, June 24, 2011

Rainbow Sprinkles!

Happy Friday ladies! :) This mani totally reminds me of cupcakes or ice cream sprinkles! I got the idea from Jennifer's post last week! Click here to view her post! I realllyyyyy love this!!! This look looks fabulous with any pastel colors :) I will have to try it with like a mint green or something as well! Okay so I started off with one coat of Sally Hansen InstaDri - Blue-Away and then added one-two coats of Wet N Wild - Party of Five Glitters and then added one coat of Pure Ice - Cherish (a very creamy-sheer nude color). I liked the look just like that, but I am such a fan off matte-ifying everything, so I finished by added one coat of e.l.f. matte top coat. 

One coat of Blue-Away with one coat of Party of Five Glitters on top

One coat of Cherish added on top

And finally with the matte top coat!

xoxo Heather

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