Monday, March 12, 2012

Meet Sophie :)

Hello ladies! I have a quick non-nail related post for you today. Yes, I know I have been terrible at blogging lately but I have been exceptionally busy lately because I got a puppy! I have been wanting one for almost two years now and I finally found the perfect one!! I had originally wanted a male but when I saw Sophie (her name at the shelter was Pocahontas lol) it was love at first sight! Her birthday was Jan 7th so she is still a baby. She is a boxer/lab mix... along with some other breeds too I'm sure. She is absolutely PRECIOUS! It's been hard to get pics of her though because she is either non-stop moving or sleeping lol. I wanted to share a couple really cute ones though :) I hope you enjoy!

(Click to enlarge the pictures)
Yes, I am aware those are cat bowls LOL! The dog bowls I bought are too big right now and she kept knocking them over :)

She likes to crawl under my pillows and hide hehe :)

I will post more soon! I am so crazy about her! I honestly never thought I could love an animal this much <333

What kind of pets do you have!? I would love to know!


  1. Awwww... Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Sophie is absolutely adorable. Lab and boxer... She is going to be big, strong and very smart. Sounds like a good dog, to me. :D

    We share our domicile with a very old Aussie cross named Sabryna and a spoiled orange tabby named Marley. One of each. The perfect balance, in my mind. :D

  2. Thank you so much!! She surprises how smart she is every day! She acts like a spoiled little princess though! I love Aussies, I almost adopted a mix but she got snatches up before I could :( We have two cats and now two dogs but Sophie is coming with me when I move out :)

  3. OMG She's so cute! I added a Chihuahua to my house in early February so now I've got two dogs (Other one is a border collie/retreiver mix) and a cat!

  4. Thank you!!!! Awh that's awesome!! Did you get the Chihuahua as a puppy? You should make a post with your pets! I love seeing people's pets :) I never thought I'd love this dog so much.. I am definitely a cat person! But she is awesome!

  5. Hello, Sophie! Don't let Heather try to paint your nails ;) I just moved to a new apartment where I'm not allowed to have dogs, so I had to leave my black lab, Dixie, at home with my parents and my yellow lab, Maggie. Maggie is 14—she's been part of my family for half my life! Even at 14, she's stubborn, loyal and protective, and remarkably smart. Dixie is 8, and had been a breeder for most of her life. I know she's the mama of a lot of beautiful dogs who are making a lot of families happy. When she retired, she came to live with me where she'd have some extra one-on-one attention. We had an instant connection and were inseparable for almost two years. As hard as it's been to leave her, she so loving that I know she'll be happy with my parents, chasing her frisbee in their backyard and snuggling in front of the TV.


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