Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm BAAAAAAAAACK :) + cute Owls :)

HI LADIES!!!!! <3 I have missed you all terribly :( But I will be able to post more finally! I've gotten into the swing of things with work and school and hopefully I will have some extra time to paint my nails (and then remove the polish for class *sigh*) and post for you guys :) I really appreciate all of the comments and support from you guys. Thanks for bearing with me! Okay, this mani is actually from a WHILE ago! The pictures are a little blurry (sorry!) and it's not very neat but this was my first attempt at some owl nail art :D

Hahahaha it's kind of a failure but it looks cute from far away LOL! :)
The beaks are round instead of triangular.. it's looks kinda stupid haha oh well!!

I used:
OPI Pamplona Purple (bodys & spots)
Zoya Heather (light purple bellies)
OPI In My Back Pocket (beaks)
Wet N Wild Black and White Creme (eyes)

I hope you enjoy! I will have some new stuff up soon :) .... with my little stubby nails haha



  1. awww its so adorable!!love this :)

  2. Simply adorable. I love owls and you did a wonderful job on those little guys. :D

  3. Welcome back! Such a cute mani :)

  4. That's just too cute not to hoot about! :P

  5. That's just too cute not to hoot about! :P


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