Friday, July 1, 2011

Lilac Zebra

Hello everyone! As you may know, I am at the beach right now soaking up the sun :) this is the first time I am scheduling a post so I hope this works! Anyway, for this design I used several polishes. I started off with one coat of Sally Hansen - Lacey Lilac (lavender), added one coat of Sally Hansen - Pink Promise (a GORGEOUS sheer pink glitter), then added one coat of Revlon - Belle (silver multi-sized glitter and finally used my m57 plate stamped with Konad special white polish. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this layering combo. Seriouslyyyyy!!!! I actually kept this on my nails for almost four days (which is like a record for me haha!)

I literally took like a ZILLION pictures and I just couldn't capture the true beauty of this look. It's sad! You should definitely try it if you have those polishes because it's awesomeeeee! I hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend (I know I will!)

xoxo Heather

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