Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pink Wednesday!

Okay for today's pink Wednesday, I used a SUPER old polish that I had. I have literally had this polish for over ten years! The front label was torn off but I remembered it was a Sally Hansen polish and thankfully the sticker on the lid was still attached so I could google it! Okay so the color I'm wearing today is Sally Hansen "Teflon Tuff" - Pink Metal. I LOVE this color! It's bright and soft at the same time. It covers great in just two coats and it still applies wonderfully for being so old! I didn't have to add thinner or anything! After applying two coats, I added one coat of Revlon - Belle to add some sparkle :) So here you go:

What do you guys think!? Do you have any old polish that you still use?

xoxo Heather

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