Monday, January 30, 2012

Worst. News. Ever.

Okay so as some of you may know,  today was my first day of class in the massage therapy program. It was orientation day so we went over all the rules, got fitted for our scrubs, filled out paperwork... blah blah blah. Well, when we got to the handbook and talked about appearance there was section on finger nails. It said we had to keep them short and such which I already knew and then I read this: "No fingernail polish is to be worn in the class at anytime." ...... NO POLISH!?!?!? WHY!? Apparently, it isn't seen as "professional" :( I will probably try to sneak by with some nude polish.... My heart sunk and I seriously considered dropping the classes for a second (yes, very dramatic lol). BUT HAVE NO FEAR!!! I will STILL be posting on my blog (with polish/nail art), keeping up with my new Glitter Bomb Thursday posts and I will MOST definitely still be buying the new collections coming out... I will just have to swatch everything tho and only wear polish on weekends :( Thankfully, once I am done with the class I can (and WILL) wear whatever polish I want! And I will make sure to find a job that will allow polish. I have 450+ polishes and I do not intend to let them go unused! :)

So there you have it! Just quick venting.. I know you girls will understand/share my pain! Now I must get ready for work and enjoy the lovely polish on my nails before I have to remove it tonight.

I hope you had a better Monday than me!! :P

(FYI, I really do love the class so far and I know I will enjoy the next six months!!) <3

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  1. That's such a disappointment that you can't wear polish. But at least it's only a temporary thing to get you to another goal. And like you said, you can still wear polish on the weekends and once you're done with this class, you can wear whatever you want. Good luck with your class!


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