Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hello ladies!! As some of you may know, I am obsessed with glitter & anything sparkly (my mom calls me a blackbird hahaha)!!! So I have decided to start a weekly post for myself called GlitterBomb Thursday! I am really excited to do this :) So here is my first GB post:

What I used:
OPI Natural Nail base coat
China Glaze - Icicle (one coat)
OPI - Crown Me Already! (one coat)
China Glaze - Snow Globe (one coat)
Seche Vit

I LOVE THIS GLITTER COMBO!!! I don't really care for Snow Globe over solid colored polish, but it looks FABULOUS over glitters! CMA is hands down my FAVORITE glitter in the entire world! It's so dense and super gorgeous!

As for the update... I start massage school on Monday... YAY! I am SO excited you guys!! I have been waiting to do this for a while and I'm really excited to finally start school. I will be a full-time student and I will have class Mon-Fri so I may slack off a bit on my blog. but I assure you my nails will always be beautifully polished! ;) Because of school (and the loan money that will cover most of my bills, thankfully!) my hours will be cut at work so I may actually end up having more time to spend on my blog (since I get out of school at 3 and will only be working three days a week)! The only down-side to being in school is that I will have to keep my nails very short while I'm still practicing so I don't scratch anyone :( My massage therapist is able to have her nails longer (about as long as I let mine get) and she has never scratched me but she has also had more practice! So I am warning you now... you will be seeing nubs for a while! :(

I hope you guys enjoy my weekly glitterbombs, because I sure love having outrageously sparkly nails ;)

Have a fabulous day! <3


  1. That is gorgeous glitter bomb action, for sure. Love that combo. :)

    Yay for starting school! You must be excited. I am sure that your nubbins will be just lovely. Get here when you can and enjoy your new adventure. :D

  2. really really nice mani! love the color! and i tag you something please check

  3. wow! amazing nail polish, I love that glitter! I wish I had own it too:D

  4. WHOA fantastic nails! looks like glittertastic foil :D


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