Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Has it really been almost six months!?

WOW! I hope you have all been doing wonderfully! I check blogger everyday to keep up with posts but I haven't posted anything in a LOOOOOONG time! I always have polished nails but a lot of the time I don't have spare time for nail art :( I need to do better about taking/uploading pictures! Since I have had let time for nails -hangs head- I am going to have......


Now I am not sure when I will have everything set up but it will be soon. I have probably two hundred polishes that I am surrendering. A LOT of different brands including OPI, Zoya, Butter London and so on. I also have a lot of inexpensive polishes too that i am just trying to clean out. I am really excited about having a blog sale :) Hopefully I will get it up soon!

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around <3

In hopes of making you not hate me as much.. here's a swatch from a while back! Such a beautiful blue :) Ulta- Denim Glitz

Love this color! :D

XOXO heather <3

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